our Story

A lifelong dream came true when I brought Tipsy, my Bernese Mountain Dog, home nine years ago. As a single girl living in the heart of Chicago’s West Loop, I quickly grew a passion for the community of dog owners in my city, and obsessed with taking my furry friend everywhere. Patios, breweries, an exciting walk or a weekend adventure; my life is fuller when Tipsy tags along.

Finding new (and management approved) adventures for your pup can be difficult. There is a lack of a living, breathing database—based in real life experiences and the culture of our individual community.

Dog Wide City was born to promote a dog-centric lifestyle and connect dog enthusiasts passionate for their pups. Separating ourselves from the rest of the pack, Dog Wide City is committed to continually updating and confirming this content, and providing the ground rules—no dogs on the days of home Cub games or after 9 pm, sharing this information with visitors is important.

Search for an activity near you, and sign up for our weekly Bark Report highlighting upcoming events and our favorite finds.

Enjoy the adventure.


Amanda & Tipsy